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right now. >> i'm joe johns, john king is off. a lot of important news both here and in the u.s. as well as overseas. today syrian security forces moved into yet another village only a few hundred yards from the turkish border. not only could syrian troops clearly be seen from the turkish side of the border, the move sent people in a makeshift refugee camp fleeing across the border. secretary of state hillary clinton says the united states is very concerned. >> if true, that aggressive action will only exacerbate the already unstable refugee situation in syria. recent reports are that there are more than 10,500 syrians already sheltered by the turkish red crescent in camps on the border. >> until now the syrian government repeatedly refused cnn's request to be allowed to cover the situation inside the country, but in a dramatic reversal today, the syrians let cnn's arwa damon visit the capital city. she joins us from damascus. it seems like you'd never know there's bloodshed and revolt in other parts of the country from damascus. >> reporter: joe, the image we managed to get here in the
'm joe krebs >> and i'm eun yang. 70 degrees out there. you can tell it's a soggy start to your work week. rain around the region. it's going to feel like summer again too. >> a limp hair day too. no comment on you. >> it is limp. >> mine is a little bit. >>> the humidity is with us as we've had the rain coming in since yesterday. thankfully, it waited to come in so we could get in the u.s. open in bethesda without any interruption yesterday. now, yes, it's raining throughout most of the region. reagan national now. it's near 70 and raining there as well as much of montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. a little bit of break in the rain in loudoun county, washington, fauquier. farther to the east-southeast is what's coming down a little harder, northern neck, southern maryland, and eastern shore. we are near 70 throughout most of the region. and upper 60s to mid-60s in the shenandoah valley and the mountains. drippy sky over washington. that rain continuing to fall with a little light fog. it will be here off and on through noontime. this afternoon sun breaks out. h
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.r. request. and we have several speaker cards. joe harney. harvey hacker. joanne allen followed by richard lerner. you can come up however, whatever order, you know. >> commissioners, i'm joe harney, owner of 1221 union street. and i'm very disappointed that this matter has become so contentious. as i've stated all along, i'm not opposed to this project. i've only asked the project sponsor make every reasonable effort to minimize the impacts of this penthouse and roof deck proposal to my tenants into my property. i hope you had the opportunity to read my letter to mr. willis. it demonstrates that i've made every attempt to reach compromise with mr. willis but he chose to fight me. commissioners, i do feel it is necessary to set the public record for the commission on one important matter. i never agreed to support this project. you can imagine my anger when i come across the document that mr. willis submitted to you stating that i did. you don't need to ask or take my word for it. one of two occasions, he admitted that this was false. once at a meeting at his own architect's office on may
morning to you. i'm joe krebs of the take a look outside. look behind us. look at all that humidity. 72 degrees. it is wet and soggy. >> soupy. get your spoons out. what do you think, tom? >> it's front porch fan your face kind of humidity. >> oh, man. >> if you doebt don't have the ac. if you do have it, stay in the ac later this afternoon. right now the storms that were looking like they're going to be threatening us are now dissipating, i'm happy to say. they were producing thunder and lightning a couple minutes ago out of the mountains of west virginia. after they moved into the shenandoah valley over the last hour, they pretty much broke up and are now completely dissipated. i don't see any big threat for storms right now. temperatures in the upper 60s in loudoun county, up to frederick county, shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia and points east. near 70 montgomery and prince george's county. mid-70s in washington and right by the bay and at the atlantic beaches. away from the waters, we're near 70. there's the thick haze over the jefferson memorial. by 9:00, might have a
't eat itself. >> key lime pie might be the best pie there is. "morning joe" starts right now. >>> why would john boehner agree to go golfing with the president? >> if the president asks me to play golf, it's the president. you don't say no to the president. >> what? do you follow politics? >> the president in private directly asked the speaker for a clean vote. the speaker said no way. >> the president wanted to bring representatives from the white house, boehner said no. >> john boehner saying no to a dinner invitation. >> speaker boehner turns down another invitation from president obama. >> i guess you didn't say no to the president because you are out of noes. >>> all right, good morning. it's tuesday, june 21. welcome to "morning joe," the national affairs editor for new york magazine and pulitzer prize winning editor and msnbc contributor john thank kayhart. willie is on his way. he's late. scampering from his show. >> late for work. >> yeah. >> it's the commute that kills you. >> yes. >> it's a long walk from that control room. >> what's going on? >> not much. how are you guys
in north america, "john king usa" starts right now. >> thanks for joining us. i'm joe johns. john king is off tonight. >>> we begin with important developments in washington's newest scandal. two senior federal law enforcement sources tell cnn the top man at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is expected to resign under pressure in the next day or two. acting director kenneth nelson would be taking the fall for the program called "operation fast and furious." it was supposed to find out how guns purchased legally in the u.s. end up in the hands of mexico's drug gangs. the scandal is two guns from the atf program turned up at the scene when a u.s. border parlor agent was killed in arizona last december. homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve has been working her sources and joins us now. jeanne? >> reporter: joe, this is an embarrassment for the atf. this is an agency that is supposed to stop the illegal trafficking of firearms specifically. in recent years, its mission has been to stop trafficking to mexico. it has had some success in that regard, but when atf whistle-
for international viewers. in north america, john king usa starts now. >>> thanks for joining us. i am joe johns. john king is off. tonight, important news about the war in afghanistan. senior white house official tells cnn president obama is ordering all 33,000 u.s. surge forces to leave afghanistan by summer of 2012, specifically the official tells cnn forces will be withdrawn by no later than september next year. the president will make that announcement in an important speech in about an hour. you will see it live here on cnn. during this hour, we're using cnn's global resources, including correspondents here in washington and afghanistan to give you a closer look at tonight's high stakes in the war on terrorism. for u.s. taxpayers and for the president politically. let's start with what cnn's white house correspondent brianna keeler learned about what the president will say tonight. >> the headlines are the numbers, and the breakdown on bringing the 33,000 troops home from afghanistan, no later than september, 2012, this according to a senior administration official. 10,000 home by end of t
a marine reservist. why his discharge had nothing to do with those shootings. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this wednesday, july 29th, 2011. >> 70 degrees in the nation's capital. tom says we have nice changes headed our way. >> indeed. >> i like it. >>> every minute that goes by turning less humid after we had that front come through yesterday that triggered the afternoon and evening storms. they're long gone now. in the wake of that, just a few lingering clouds. still rather humid around the bay and eastern shore. west and north of washington and points west and north, the lower humidity continuing to move in on a light northwesterly breeze. near 70 in montgomery and fairfax counties. right now arlington and in the district, it's mid-70s. prince george's county low to mid-70s. out of the mountains this morning, it's dipped into the 50s in many locations. over the last 12 hours, the sky has begun to clear out. we still have, though, some high clouds over washington now. there's the jefferson memorial. still a little humidity around. certa
it to you live as soon as we see it, but i know that my pal, joe johns, has been out there off and on covering the story, and he has literally walked outside of the courtroom. joe, first, talk me through what you have just experienced inside of the courtroom. you saw edwards, himself, in front of the magistrate, and how did he appear and what did he say? did you see his daughter with him as well? >> i didn't see his daughter. and it is funny, you know, i have covered john edwards for a long time, and i have to tell you that it looked like the exact same john ed warwards not hair out of place. i have known his lawyer for a long time and been around town for about 15 years. he looks like he has aged immensely and has gray hair, but for some reason john edwards looks like the guy running around the 2008 campaign, and his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf on all six charges. edwards had to answer a few questions from the court, and mostly about setting bail. and it appeared as i walked out of the courtroom to call you, brooke, that the judge was about to impose one
america, "john king usa" starts right now. >> i'm joe johns. john king is off. tonight afghanistan is once again front and center in an agonizing national debate with tense of thousands of u.s. lives and billions of u.s. dollars hanging in the balance. today sources inside congress and the obama administration are telling cnn president obama has decided to bring 30,000 u.s. troops home from afghanistan. he's making the announcement tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern during a speech you can see right here on cnn. 30,000 is a little under one-third of the 100,000 troops there now. but it won't happen quickly. we're told 10,000 will come out this year by the rest of the end of 2012. another source says the pentagon argued for an even smaller drawdown. but robert gates says he understands the president's decision. >> the president has to take into account on any national security issue sustainability here at home both among the public and in the congress. and it goes without saying that there are a lot of reservations in congress about the war in afghanistan and our level of commitment. there are
yard determination. last october, i was contacted byjoe harney -- by joe harney. he had some concerns about a large box attached to garage. -- large duct attach to the garage. i met with the project sponsor and the building owner. joe wanted john to remove a very unsightly three-foot diameter duct that ran down a ligh twell and -- light well and past the windows of the building. his position was that it was potentially dangerous and he wanted john to remove it. he asked joe whether he had concerns about the project and joe said he was not opposed, and he was also in the real-estate business. with that understanding, john asked me to remove the duct, which i did later that week. removing that had the effect of significantly improving of view and light of at least two units. i have been on the roof many times and i know the conditions well. the only two windows on joe pose a property that have a sideline of the new building are primarily looking on the existing concrete para pit wall of the garage. one of the tenants keeps her curtains drawn during the day so it appears she does not con
crime took place inside. there is one noticeable change. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this friday, june 24th, 2011. a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. it's 73 degrees out there. already, tom says humidity not as bad as yesterday. and that means we're in for relief for the weekend. just in time, tom. people are going to be happy to hear your forecast >> and i'm to be congratulated for my good sense of timing. >> congratulations, tom. we credit you with the good weather. >>> as we head off to work on this friday morning, it's cooled down into the upper 60s and low 70s in the nearby suburbs with somewhat lower humidity in the air. it's partly cloudy throughout much of the region. right now 75 at reagan national. we're in the 70s around the bay and eastern shore. a little more humid there. farther west and north, a little less humid in the shenandoah valley, blue ridge, western maryland. temperatures there in many locations are dipped into the upper 60s. as this day progresses, we will have that drier air gradually moving in. it migh
morning, gentlemen. how are you? >> coach is just back from the tony's. luther and joe. >> good morning, maryland. >> good to see you. >> hold on, excuse me. all right, here we go. luther, let me hear those manic words. >>> maestro, music, if you please. >> reporter: i missed that. great to see you, luther is in the house and so is the music. . >> where are you spinning this weekend? >> i'm down at francis scott chemo tor inn in ocean city. >> here we go, stand by. ♪ [ singing "just another manic monday" ] ♪just another manic monday wish it was sunday ♪ that's my fun day ♪ i don't have to run day ♪ just another manic monday ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> well done! >> well done. we want to invite you back for the manic monday meltdown in november. miss erin come up here. we have for you a fabulous cbs mug from the "wjz" closet. do we one favor. >> yes? >> don't tell newman. >> guys, give yourself a big hand. maryland office of administrative hearingingses. don, marty, have a great day. everybody get out. it is fantastic in baltimore this morning. >>> see you guys, have a good
, is that true or did you get bad pills, one more, rob. >> scott "morning joe" starts right now. >> you realize you get messed up about paul revere, don't you? >> you know what? i didn't mess up about paul revere. >> you do a little off the cuff jumble and then you go on tv wearing a jumbo cross and you look like you robbed the vatican or you're about to marry jesus in vegas. >> in a shout-out gotcha type of question that was asked of me i answered candidly. i know my american history. >> oh, i didn't -- it was a gotcha question. what was the question again? >> a gotcha question. i'm going to repeat it. what have you seen so far today and what are you going to take away from your visit. >> here's the thing. it doesn't make it a gotcha question. it doesn't make it a gotcha question just because it got ya. >> wow. >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, june 7th. look at that shot of the morning in new york city. with us on set, national affairs national new york magazine john heilman and former chairman of the republican national committee and now an msnbc political analyst, michael steele. >>
'm joe krebs on this monday, the 13th of june, 2011. let's take a live look outside. what a gorgeous picture out there this morning. 67 delightful degrees. >> finally a break from the heat and humidity. we're going to like this forecast. meteorologist tom kierein joins us with the latest. tom. >> what a change. >> great. >>> we had six days in a row got 90 degrees or higher last week. the heat wave did last quite a while, almost a week. now it's over thankfully. for several days we'll be getting a break from high heat and high humidity. right now a cool and comfortable 65 at reagan national. it has dipped down into the low 60s in prince george's county. montgomery county, many locations in the upper 50s. arlington county, low to mid-60s. farther west,. akrting8 virgi ad temperatures in the upper 50s around much of virginia and maryland in the rural areas. south and east, near 70, as well as around the bay and eastern shore. mountains of western maryland, west virginia, only in the mid-50s on this monday morning. look at pittsburgh. it's only 50 degrees there. it's even chillier aroun
morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm joe krebs. let's take a live look. it looks very nice as the sun is hiding behind some clouds on the horizon. they're high clouds. no rain, i guess. right, tom? >> and like blankets, those clouds are going to be drawn away, revealing a gorgeous blue sky. low humidity continue to move in. it's already put humidity levels way down this morning. right now it's temperature-wise, just near 70 in the suburbs west and north of washington. low 70s to mid-70s in washington, southern maryland, around the bay, eastern shore, where it's still a little bit humid. the low humidity is coming your way too. off to our west, it's cool this morning. campers out in western maryland and west virginia. in the mountains they're waking up to a chill this morning. only mid-50s there. over the last 12 hours, the last of those storms way gone now over the western atlantic and dissipating. we have the sky continuing to clear west to east. another view of the sunrise from upper northwest washington. that sun about to get above that cloud deck shortly, and
>>> good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm barbara harrison. it's friday, june 17th, 2011. we begin this morning with the breaking news that we've been following all morning long. a man discovered in arlington cemetery this morning carrying suspicious items inside a backpack. the man's activity was enough to spark a huge response from federal and local law enforcement agencies. >> police also found his car near the pentagon, prompting several roadways to be shut down, major traffic headaches for this morning's rush hour. >> news 4 was first, live on the scene there, and melissa mollet has been at the scene all morning, covering this for us. she joins us now with the latest. melissa? >> reporter: good morning. at this point, investigators say the suspect is in his 20s, and they do believe that he acted alone. now, we have brand-new video to show you this afternoon. if we can roll that right now, his vehicle was towed out of here, just a short time ago, about 15 minutes ago. a red 2011 nissan. that vehicle, of course, the one that was parked along w
medicine cabinet. that was repeatitive. comedian joe derosa his album "the depression auction" is available now on i tunes. look at that depressing cover. sorry, joe. anyway you can fold him into a bonnet or clean up somebody's vomit. good to see you, pinch. >> according to the front page, greece is signing off national treasures due to uh stair tee measures. i myself purchased ancient greek china with nude men wrestling. at least i think they are wrestling. either way it is all tasteful apart from the finger bowl. greg? >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome very much. >> all right. >> okay. >> yes. >> yes indeed. >> shut up. >> you shut up. >> his mic was hot, but his intolerance was not. a southwest airlines pilot was suspended after using colorful language to describe flight attendants, not realizing everything he said was being transmitted over a air traffic control frequency. the pilot whose name hasn't been released, but let's call him skip, was talking to another crew member in march when he went on a turbulent tirade over the lack of dateable flight attendants. take a listen, l
wave continues but it will not feel like yesterday's record-setting scorcher. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 on this july 10th, 2011. all afternoon and evening activities are canceled. and stonewall school has no class today. dominion power, 4200 without power, mostly in prince william and loudon counties. >>> the storm that moved through our area tkpaeufs a little bit of "late show" this morning. this is time lapsed video from around 2:00 this morning. take a look at this. pretty dramatic as the capitol dome is bathed in the glow of spotlights with the rain and the lightning, pretty dramatic. very nice. is that going to bring us much cooler today, tom? >> it has cooled things down. overnight we got relief from the storms that came through. kept a lot of people awake. sky was throwing lightning bolts from last evening until two or three hours ago. now it settled down. no more lightning. we have a few lingering showers on radar. panhandle of west virginia, east of fredericksburg. now moving into delaware. temperatures down into the comfortable low to
cancer. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this tuesday, june 28th, 2011. >> we already have 72 degrees here in the nation's capital. going to be a warm one, i believe. let's check in with tom kierein to make sure. >>> more humid too. the humidity has increased overnight, and we're going to have a steamy day. right now cloudy, radar showing showers and diminishing thunder showers now just coming into the shenandoah valley out of west virginia. right now they're into the eastern panhandle of west virginia and washington county, maryland, they're drifting east. and all the lightning is gone from that. you can see this trend over the last hour showing it diminishing. temperatures near 70 all around the region except in washington by the bay. mid-70s there. and we'll have this cloudy sky with us through the morning. there's capitol hill under cloud cover. we might have a passing shower over the next two or three hours. after that, a little sun breaking out and into the afternoon. highs reaching upper 80s to near 90 by midafte
so badly, why no target in san francisco? why chase trader joe's out of the castro? businesses like these will provide revenue and jobs. why discourage them? i want to address trader jon's -- trader joe's. i like a lot of people was disappointed by this. ultimately, a trader joe's walk away. there were a lot of concerns in the neighborhood about parking and traffic issues, given what has happened with the trader joe's on masonic street. but trader joe's, to my disappointment, walked away. i have been trying to provide support to the tower records site to make sure we get that space filled. another are a number of retail entities that have expressed interest in taking over pieces of its. really, there are three separate spaces. i'm cautiously optimistic we will get the space filled, and that is absolutely critical to the economic development of the neighborhood. it creates major blight when you have an area like that. as regards to target -- that came from metrion. that is moving forward. there will be a target. target has indicated it wants to open up on masonic and geary. that proc
on news with the story at the bottom. >>> and still ahead, joe flacco never won a super bowl. but the ravens quarterback does have a shiny new ring, more coming up. >>> a toilet in front of the courthouse, police think it is a bomb. i'm adam may. now the man who put it here is in court, firing his lawyer. we'll ask him why, coming up. >>> and a major wildfire creeping closer to a nuclear facility. the latest efforts to stop a complete disaster. >>> we're watching threatening clouds. details on a possible storm in the first warning weather forecast ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . >>> a baltimore man faces years for prison for putting the toilet outside the courthouse. adam may was in court when the man's defense attorney was fired. >> reporter: this toilet decorated with pictures of a cell phone and politicians triggered a bomb scare outside the courthouse in february. now duane shorty davis is facing a judge. >> i wanted to tell people i was making a movie, he didn't want to tell people i was making a movie, so we went other ways. >> reporter: shorty, placing half a dozen toilets in the r
. in maryland, here we go. this is 270 and shady grove road. you are picking up volume on 270 south. eun and joe, back to you. >>> 6:03. a traffic alert in northern virginia where traffic on route 7 is being diverted. megan mcgrath is live there now with what's going on. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. not a great situation during rush hour. route 7 is closed. you can see the detour here. we're standing on the overpass over the beltway. but the entire road closed in both directions between ramada road and towers crescent drive. not a good situation for commuters. basically, they're being forced, as they're trying to travel in the eastbound direction here. that's what we're looking at from our vantage point. all of those folks being forced to take the ramp and get onto the beltway, which many of them don't want to do. we've seen a lot of folks arguing with the road crews here at this detour. but bottom line is they're not going to let you go forward. they've got a downed power line, a live power line in the roadway. they're not going to allow to you cross over it no matter wh
funky talk show host. comedian joe devito is in for andy levy tonight. joe has our pre game report. joe, go for it. >> thanks, greg. it is day 355 of wiener day, and everybody wants to know if that is the congressman's member in the picture. and if so, where did it come from? and a flight to africa in trouble after a midair ruckus causing the air force to scramble two jets. we look at this story from every angle and ask the question everyone wants to know. does scrambled jets come with a side of bacon? and 8th graders take a trip to hooters and learns what happens when you go to community ledge. -- community college. back to you are greg. -- back to you, greg. >> delightful chap. >>> she is charming and a suspect in an unsolved triple homicide. i am here tonight with the daily caller columnist, and she is also the author of the book "outnumbered." and he is the swaw me of all things comme. and he tweets his junk to himself. it is bill shultz. and if brains were sand he would be the mojave desert. sitting next to me, john bolton, former u.s. am bass ter to the u.n and fox news contributo
this fight in wisconsin return to "the ed show" to tell us what they think. firefighter joe conway jr. and also elementary schoolteacher susan stern. teachers under attack in wisconsin. >>> and michele bachmann is getting rave reviews for her debate performance last night. i'll give you my take later on in the show. stay with us, you're watching "the ed show" on msnbc. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪ [ motor starts ] to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. enjoy the flight. >>> the thunder bolt out of wisconsin may fire up the next phase of this fight. a wisconsin teacher and firefighter join me next. >>> from last night's republican debate, a big winner has emerged and it's congresswoman michele bachmann out of minnesota. >>> later in the hou
. "morning joe" starts right now. >> this is isolationism. there's always been an isolation strain in the republican party, the pat buchanan wing of our party. now, it seems to have moved more center stage, so to speak. if we had not intervened, gadhafi was at the gates of benghazi. he said he was going house-to-house to kill everybody. it's a city of 700,000 people. what would we be saying now, if we allowed it to happen? >> you are a key supporter. all the republicans on the stage of the debate seeming to waiver from what's a traditional republican position on national security. >> i wonder what ronald reagan would be saying today? >> what would he say? >> that's not the republican party of the 20th century and now the 21st century. it's not the republican party that has been willing to stand-up for freedom for people for all over the world, whether in granada or in our enduring commitment to encountering the soviet union. >> welcome to "morning joe." good morning. it is monday, june 20th. with us on set, mark halprin and steve rattner, joining the table this morning. a lot to ta
. >> good morning. it is wednesday, june 22nd. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we have the game change boys. msnbc and "time" magazine analyst, mark halperin, editor for new york magazine, john heilman. perfect day. hi, willie. >> were you out there yesterday? what's that? you were monitoring the media coverage. >> he was monitoring online. >> i'm going to see them in florida tomorrow. >> how did it go? >> please, tell us about it. >> it went a lot better than you would think if you watched a lot of the coverage that focused on the rather extraordinary from the press coverage and not extraordinary at all, minor mistakes that got made on the media credentials and things that were small hang ups. it made it a disastrous roll out. i didn't see disaster. there were issues, but i think he did well. >> for the most part, if you look at the media coverage, he was ignored. >> i was surprised. the same thing happened with mitt romney's roll-out. little coverage on cable. down on most of the broadcast coverage in the campaign. >> to be fair, it's what they do with barack obama when he lau
levy is joe de rosa. what is coming up tonight? >> thanks, greg. coming up tonight on "the eye." if you are not a gay man, does that mean you are not allowed to play with soft balls? the straight facts are ahead. and is the war on drugs a failure? or did it finally just start smoking weed and chill out a little bit. and papa smurf, a nazi? >> how does it feel to be back in the hotseat tonight? >> i just filled the seat with something hot. i'm terrified, and now it smells bad in here. >> that's disgusting. i. >> i try. >>> she truly is nature's viagra. i am here with lauren sevant. when the tsa frisks her they wear oven mitts. well she is like clown flambet. she is on logotv, bill that's your favorite. and he is currently on the cover of "machine's health." seriously he is siting on the magazine because he doesn't have any pants. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. and he is a suspect in a string of hobo killings, bill widdle, founder of the film company declaration entertainment. and he is treating bill keller like travis did old yeller. it is our morning -- it is our nosh times c
from a rec yard of a federal prison. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy >> among the many lessons that i learned from this whole experience is try to speak a little bit less, i'm going to keep my remarks kind of short. patty and i are obviously very disappointed with the outcome. i frankly am stunned. not much else to say except we want to get home to our little girls and -- and talk to them and explain things to them and then try to sort things out. and i'm sure we'll be seeing you guys again. >> governor, did you get a -- >> okay, it's 6:00 on the -- bababa -- yes, it is. it's any other day and that's any other news story. we'll get to that third. okay? so many other things to get to before we get to blago. >> you're all out of order. this is willie geist. depressing. >> what? >> you don't do that. you don't sell senate seats, okay? doesn't work. >> come on. >> you can, you just go to jail. >> come on. >> broadcast news. they keep moving the line. it is a miscarriage of justice. they can't prove it. >> i grew up in a country? >> yeah. >> where you only
grand jury. good morning. thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm joe krebs on this tuesday, the 21st day of june, the first day of summer, 2011. we have 69 degrees right at this hour and a lot of humidity out there. if you like humidity, here it is. >> yay. here comes summer. >> our friend and relative humidity. it is with us, and it's going to be with us throughout much of the week ahead. >>> yes, the solstice arrives at 1:16 this afternoon. off to a humid start this morning. we've had a few scattered sprinkles around over the last hour or so. it's really diminished in its aerial coverage. still a few sprinkles in southern maryland. one there in central calvert county. one across the tidal potomac and into the northern neck. a little heavier rain, maybe thunder and lightning in allegheny county and morgan county. that's drifting off to the south and east and tending to dissipate as well. we'll have this cloud cover with us for the next several hours of the temperatures now in the 60s to near 70. by 9:00, we'll be in the mid-70s and still mostly cloudy. goin
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'm joe krebs >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this monday, june 13th, 2011. we'll take a live look outside. it's just about 5:00 a.m. 70 degrees. can you notice the change just by stepping outside? it is much cooler, refreshing, you can tell the humidity has gone by the wayside, and we're really enjoying it so far, tom. >> i was texting the forecast this morning, and all it says is ahhh. that's all you need to know. >>> fresh and cool start. lower humidity has moved in in the wake of those storms, and it's cooling down dramatically. near 70 near the bay and on the eastern shore. farther west and north, it is only near 60 degrees in much of fairfax and montgomery counties. right now mid-60s in arlington county. farther west in loudoun and prince william, fauquier, as well as northwest in frederick county, maryland, it's only near 60. it's dipped into upper 60s in parts of the shenandoah valley and around the blue ridge. west virginia and western maryland, it's only in the mid-50s now as well as much of west virginia. right now in pittsburgh, only 51 degrees. that's the s
down 270 south. back to you, eun and joe. >> thank you very much. >>> and now at 6:01 let's take a look at our forecast. we have a beautiful day out there right now, tom. >> you need a jacket again this morning here on this june morning. our temperatures are, again, rather chilly in many locations, especially out in the mountains now. we've got that sun up in a mostly clear sky over the potomac river. 64 at regular an nationaregul r. eastern shore, only low to mid-50s there. farther west and north, much of virginia and maryland in the 50s now. out in the mountains, only mid-40s in west virginia and in western maryland. over the last 12 hours, this continual flow out of the north and west giving us this cool change that has taken place with low humidity as well. lots of sunshine this morning. by 9:00, we'll be near 70. by noontime, mid-70s. clouds coming in from the north might produce an isolated sprinkle midafternoon as we reach near 80. a look at your night planner coming up at 6:11. joe? >>> breaking news right now. at least one person is dead and hostages have been taken at a provin
for joining us for "news 4 today," i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. and this thursday is the 23rd of june. taking a live look outside this morning. it is definitely summer here in the nation's capital. 78 degrees already at 6:00 a.m. a lot of humidity, as you can see. >> there is a bright side, though. tom has been very optimistic this morning. >> yeah. we're going to get a break over the weekend. but today dress like eun. short sleeves. short sleeves, lightweight clothing. >> loose. >> that's right exactly. we're going to be heating up to the upper 80s. not too hot but quite humid. right now radar not picking up rain near watching. you see the patches of blue, a few sprinkles, panhandle of west virginia and into washington county and maryland. that's drifting up into pennsylvania. and temperatures are mild and muggy on this thursday morning. right now, in the upper 70s, to near 80 right near washington and by the bay. elsewhere, we're in the mid 70s. from the eastern shore all the way to the blue ridge. there's our eastern horizon. the sun's been up since 5:44. that w
to report. back to you, eun and joe. >> danella, thank you. >>> one more traffic alert. within the next half hour, the national park service will close lanes of constitution avenue between henry becken drive and 17th street in northwest d.c. this is part of the constitution avenue reconstruction project. crews will close off lanes in both directions all this week from 5:30 a.m. and reopen them around 3:30 p.m. in the afternoons. >>> this morning police are investigating a disturbing murder where a man's head was wrapped in duct tape. it happened on the 1300 block of levis street northeast. tracee wilkins joins us live this morning with more on this investigation. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: let me show you the row home where this investigation is happening. right there where the front door is open, that's where police are focusing their investigation. as you can see here, police are still on the scene. they still have the crime tape up, and this man was discovered at 6:00 p.m. yesterday. here's what police are saying right now. they're saying they were called here for the report of a
to consider item 43, the resolution authorizing the use of real property for purposes consistent with the joe dimaggio played crown master project. >> thank you colleagues and ladies and gentleman. we have a hearing of the resolution of necessity. this would clarify that the stated purpose of the site for the development and maintenance of the space is consistent with the uses contemplated in the joe dimaggio playground. we have the revenue it position of the park, and an expanded library within the same larger spark -- larger part. and this would ensure the adequate notice was required. as far as the hearing will go today, we have a representative from parks and recreation as well as from our library will make short introductory remarks. the city attorney is also available if you have any questions before or after hearing this item. we would hear from the former property owners -- and they will have 10 minutes to address the board with this item. mr. flynn has requested the right to speak. let me ask if they are present. if you could step up. here is how the hearing will go again. we'll star
-president joe biden and top lawmakers continue to go round and round about the amount of money this country can borrow. ben bernanke is urging that the debt ceiling be raised. we actually hit the borrowing limit last month but an extension was pasted together. if an agreement isn't reached by aug gurveghts the government could default on its bills for the very first time. >> i fully understand the desire to use the debt limit to force the physical policy adjustments, but the debt limit is the wrong tool. >> congress has been trying to cut trillions but republicans insist they won't make any deal that includes increasing taxes with democrats refusing proposed cuts to medicare. >>> here's a look at the midday stock market. the dow is dow 142 points. >>> temperatures are also on the rise this noon. taking a live look, a bit warmer today than this has been the last couple of days, no complaints here. absolutely gorgeous. wjz is live with first warning weather. marty tells us if hour luck will continue it. is gorgeous. >> we're going to take a look at some of these graphics together. the information
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